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Our purpose is to help My Mendip businesses flourish. We are the premium website for helping people buy local in Mendip. Join us in our mission for stronger high streets and local communities.
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For Shops

Q: Once I sign up to My Mendip can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. You can change plan or cancel your membership at any time.

Q: What will it cost to have my products for sale on My Mendip?

Depending on the membership plan you choose (see plan details here), it costs £14, £26, or £38 a month subscription change plus a 1%, 1.5% or 2% My Mendip fee on all sales made, plus a 1.4% + 20p card processing fee (not retained by My Mendip) for European cards, which increase to 2.9% + 20p for if your customer pays with a non-European card. It doesn't cost anything to have your shop on My Mendip. To sell products, you need to join one of the membership plans. Thanks to the support of Mendip District Council, there is no subscription charge on any plan for the first three months.

Q: Will you be able to offer PayPal provision as well as Stripe on My Mendip?

Yes! We're looking into this as an option and will have update on this in due course.

Q: Can I download my Stripe payments in one go (rather than individually) and choose the time the payments go into my business bank account so I don’t have to reconcile lots of small payments?


Q: When do I receive payment from my Stripe account?

The funds are transferred to your Stripe account the moment the customer successfully pays. As is usual with online payments, this is an allocation of funds that depends on the clearing of funds by the bank.

Q: I already have a website, so why should I register on My Mendip?

The idea behind My Mendip is that people can see what’s available locally and will be able to find it all in one place, just like walking around the town, buying from lots of shops and also stumbling across something new! It’s less Amazon and more the Brue, the Sheppey and the Frome.

Q: How do I manage available stock? Once an item is sold (they are one-offs) will My Mendip grey out the product to show it is no longer available, or will I have to remember to de-list the product manually to avoid selling it again?

We will be offering a stock management facility shortly.

Q: Can I offer discount vouchers for my local buyers?

If you would like this introduced then please email [email protected]

Q: I sell T-shirts. Is there an opportunity to add product variables in a drop-down menu? Sizes (S,M, L, XL, XXL and different colour-ways)?

We will be offering a product variables facility shortly.

Q: I have already have an image bank for my current website. What are the best photo formats to upload to My Mendip?

My Mendip works best with jpeg files.

Q: What is the best pixel size or does My Mendip automatically resize the image to fit the container?

Your file size can be up to 4 MB when uploaded. My Mendip will automatically resize each image for best display on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Q: Can I add alt tags to each product I upload to make them more visible on Google?

This feature will be coming soon.

Q: How many products can I add to My Mendip shop?

A: You can add an unlimited number of products to your shop.

Q: Can customers collect from my shop?

A: Yes you can choose whether you offer delivery or collection or both services.

Q: How do I get notified of a new order?

A: You’ll receive an email for every new order (if the payment has gone through).

Q: Can I choose the time(s) when my customers come and collect from my shop?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I link my own website to My Mendip and if clicked on is this a browser redirect or a new tab?

A: Yes you can. Your website will open in a new browser tab.

For customers

Q: Can I order from more than one shop?

A: Yes you can. This is one of the major advantages of the My Mendip platform. When ordering from multiple retailers you will only have to make one payment and you can select whether to click and collect or have it delivered (subject to offering by the shops you want to order from).

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?

A: You may contact the shop that you ordered from.

Q: How do I return items?

A: Contact the shop that you would like to make a return to.

Q: How do I get my favourite shop added to My Mendip?

A: You can nominate your favourite shop(s) to My Mendip and we will contact them. Please email [email protected]

Q: Do you have a My Mendip app?

A: Not yet.