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Creating Ceremony

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A book which we often recommend as the follow up to 'The Earths Cycle of Celebration', another true gem. It will empower you to mark the special moments in your life, reclaiming your right to find your own ways to make sacred connections. It will help and inspire you to create ceremonies for yourself. It will lead you through the process of planning and understanding the simple components needed to create a successful ceremony

'This book has been written in answer to a growing need within our society to mark the life-changing moments in our lives in a fresh and unique way.

Many people no longer belong to a formal religion, and yet need to gather together with family and friends to honour such events as births, marriages and death. As well as these there are many other special occasions and rites of passage which can be marked either alone or together with close friends and family. By creating ceremony and ritual we choose to acknowledge and deepen our spirituality, our connections to ourselves and to each other.'

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We love being part of the wonderful community of Glastonbury. Our shop's vision is to help reclaim and support a pagan way of life. Come and see us at 17, High Street or shop online at our website.

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